Marian Miklagard

Marian Miklagard was born in Denmark in 1966, raised in Denmark and partly in the Faroe Islands, from where she originated. At age 17, she moved with her family back to Denmark, where she finished office training. She had her own fitness center for some years.

In 1997, Marian decided that it was time to try something new. She started optometrist training in Randers and became an optometrist in 2002. This brought Marian to Greenland. Through her work as an optometrist, Marian has seen most of Greenland. She says about her experiences: "On the many journeys in almost all of Greenland, it was almost impossible not to be inspired by the beautiful, yet harsh nature. The colors and shapes, amazing sunsets, starry skies and northern lights, snow and icebergs. Nature filled with contrasts. I just had to create something "

It was also through her work as an optometrist that her sense of craftsmanship and creating something with her hands, was first satisfied. With her jewelry company, Marian has gone a step further, and she has found a way to express her creativity and what she really is passionate about - fashion and design.

Marian Miklagard has always been interested in fashion, style and design: "I always notice details in the shape, color and harmony of these." Being creative has always meant a lot to me, but it's only now that time has come to seriously do something about it "

Marian Miklagard's sense of style and what is IN is clearly reflected in her jewelry design. Her first collection, Stars of Greenland, is jewelry that can be toned up and down according to mood, and depending on where you wear. You can combine and put together the jewelry as it suits you. The jewelery can have a classic look or a trendy look, depending on the composition you choose. It is important for Marian that the jewelry is beautiful and at the same time functional. Marian knows everything for a busy day as she juggles jobs, family and company: "I know that, as a career woman, you can quickly change pace, role and look, so I have created flexible jewelry that supports a woman's many roles ".

Marian Miklagard is the founder and owner of the company. Miklagard's first collection is called Stars of Greenland

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